The Mobile Hamshack

In 1998, I decided that instead of responding to Red Cross disasters and R.A.C.E.S. emergency events in my "good car", I would buy an old "beater" and fix it up. In addition, TVI and RFI problems have finally frustrated me enough that I have called it quits with HF operations at the house.

The solution was a natural one: build a mobile hamshack with which I can respond to disasters, chase storms, and work some DX too. I can operate SSB on 40m, 20m, and 15m at 180W and on 2m FM with 55W either fixed or mobile in motion. I'll also carry a dipole for 80m fixed operation.

The setup is very flexible and rugged: the rigs are mounted in such a way that they can be operated from either front seat, or from one of the individual seats or the bench seat in the back. I'm looking at a packet station as a possible add-on. This will be a nice Field Day setup!

Incidentally, I drove to Los Angeles and picked up a wing for my Dragonfly airplane, strapped it to the roof of the van, and drove back to Dallas without any serious problems!
This is a front view of the 1977 Dodge that I converted into a disaster response vehicle and mobile hamshack
This is the view of the cockpit. The HF and VHF radios are mounted on a table that can be rotated for use by the front seat or the captain's chairs directly behind.
View from the rear of the left side, facing front, showing the refrigerator, storage cabinet, and sink
View from the rear of the right side, facing front. Don't you just love the wrap-around, burnt-orange carpeting and the curtains with chains?

I have since sold this van. Paid $1000 for it, sold it for $1500 on eBay a couple years later!

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