Last Flight of the Liberators

Last Flight of the Liberators

The new fiction novel about a terrorist attack on the United States

From Dave Morris, author of Eyes For Your Android and Gravity Gradient Modulation.

(published before 9/11!)

Available now from, ISBN: 0738820776

The terrorist attack we've all been fearing has finally happened on American soil as a band of unidentified terrorists invades Texas by crossing the vast, unsecured border with Mexico. American military superpower is ineffective against the new weapons wielded by the new generation of terrorists from airplanes circling overhead major cities.

But fate throws together a young woman abducted from her beach vacation, a small group of men with home-built experimental aircraft, a network of ham operators, and an air show team from the Confederate Air Force with their vintage World War II airplanes.

Heroic men onboard a hijacked airliner sacrifice their lives to prevent the invasion from succeeding.

Together, they manage to thwart the largest terrorist threat of the dawning 21st century using a combination of high-tech equipment, low-tech trickery, and raw courage!

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