WA5YWT ham station circa 1976

Dave Morris

Amateur Radio Station N5UP

My station as WA5YWT (ca. 1976) The homemade 2nd VFO got me an audience with the president of Heath Company himself. SSTV was homemade. SB-500 10-2m transverter for working Oscar 6. Tube keyer could do over 50wpm.
3 element homebuilt 20/15m quad I built out of bamboo trees at age 16 in Athens, GA. Combined with Big Bertha (pair of 4-400As in grounded grid), it left scorch marks in the air all the way to Father Moran's shack at 9N1MM! It didn't survive the tornado. K4BGF and WB4ZWR, where are you? 3 Element Quad

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