The Battle Hymn of the Morrises
Sung to the tune "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"
The ancient clan of Morris raised their standards to the sky;
They held their name in honor and their aims were ever high;
They were brave sons of Mars and not afraid to do or die.
The clan goes marching on!
Chorus: Glory to the clan of Morris,
Virile, worthy, brave and loyal,
Propium Deus et patrium!
The clan goes marching on!
Richard, Thomas, Nicholas-were fathers of our clan;
Posterity of Anthony and Owen never ran;
Jacob was a hero, Roger was a famous man.
The clan goes marching on!
Sir Martin was an Irishman and a statesman of renown;
And Anthony was a mayor of a Pennsylvania town;
With great men of Jersey, Richards name is written down.
The clan goes marching on!
Robert and Lew Morris signed a famous document;
Robert raised the money which the yankee congress spent;
A Morris framed the Constitution - what he said he meant.
The clan goes marching on!
Charles was a captain of the ship that sailed across the sea,
When Lafayette returned to France - America was free.
Jacob was an aide-de-camp of General Robert Lee.
The clan goes marching on!
Our fathers dwelt in England, Ireland, Scotland, and in Wales.
Where the English tongue is spoken now the Morris name prevails.
How could the nations advance when Morris never fails!
The clan goes marching on!
The Morris Clan is mighty with three hundred thousand strong;
In seventy-six, five hundred kinsmen fought to right a wrong;
Thirty towns bear Morris names. Sure let us sing that song
The clan goes marching on!

Last Update: 25June2000 by Dave Morris